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Michael Corigliano

Well firstly if you are coming to this page I would have to guess that the real question you want answered is “Why should I use Click Compare Connect”. Perhaps you are considering the benefits of using a service like ours, the cost, what is involved or simply trying to get some form of verification that we are real and genuinely helping business.

Going back to where it all began I started this business almost 2 years ago after leaving a prominent position with one of the four major banks (it was not CBA, NAB or Westpac) and began doing consultancy work for a variety of customers, ranging from some large well know brands to small to medium businesses.

While assisting, mainly with debt structuring, I would often be asked if I could help with looking at other operation cost and how they could be reduced. A common pain for most business seemed to be utility bills and the time it took to speak with different suppliers to get a better price.

If this was the case for the limited number businesses I interacted with then it would have to be the same for others, thus Click Compare Connect was born. I enlisted the expertise of industry guru’s to help set up a platform that could provide business with an avenue to tender their utility bills to get a great deal with major suppliers without having to spend countless hours seeking quotes and analysing results.

Since inception we have continued to grow, expanding our reach across Australia and developing a dedicated team to help customers through the process. We focus our efforts in the fields of Electricity, Telecommunications and Foreign Exchange while also having the ability to help source products aboard or even provide outsourcing options. If there is a way to help business reduce cost and free up time then we are onto it.

I could go onto to discuss the ease of our online system, the ongoing support and reporting we offer to ensure that your bills remain low, the after service care we provide and so on, but these are all secondary to what we believe is the real importance and the reason we exist.

We Save you Time

Click Compare Connect has established relationships with major suppliers. We then take your requirements and get the suppliers to quote for your business after which we compare the results and present them to you to make an informed decision. This process can consume a lot of time so let us do it for you.

We Save you Money

Testing the market is the only way to determine the best deal. Suppliers will always provide a better offer if they know that you are tendering your business to competitors. There are always new suppliers in the market or suppliers that more aggressive which we can leverage off to get you a better deal.

And if we do not deliver the above then simply say goodbye, it is at no cost.

Our tendering service is at no cost with no obligation to proceed at the end. This is how confident we are that we can help.

So what are some examples of how we have helped business so far?

A site in South West NSW was spending approx $4,400 per month on electricity however the majority of this cost was in network due to being incorrectly setup by the retailer when they started up the operation.  We showed the franchises how to save $1,000 per month by changing the network tariff set up and being on the right energy consumption structure.  If you include the better pricing, we obtained we provide evidence of a 29.54% saving each year.

We have seen numerous examples of excessive an inappropriate metering charges.  For a site in Central Coast they were under contract to pay approx. $3,600 per year in metering charges till 2018 even though their contract is due to expire this year.  We where able to demonstrate a saving of $2,400 or per site for providing the same service.

A franchise in Western Sydney come to us with an offer from their existing retailer which they were about to sign as they only had 14 days before the contract expired.  We were able to obtain a rate from another within 3 days which was approx 26% a year cheaper. A worth while exercise to talk to us.

In the area of telecommunications, we where able to show a customer in Western Australia a 23% saving year on year on fixed lines through the same supplier they were already with.  In adition we were also able to get an additional rebhate back which they could use towards purchasing hardware.  All this simply by testing the market and suppliers to get the best deal from them.


So what have customers had to say about our service?

Generally, this is the part where most business would have a section on their website highligthing customer quotes or reviews but if you are like me then you would probably think that these are simply made up or not a true reflection of the level of customer engagement.

Instead if you are still unsure and want further comfort then we would be more than happy to allow you to speak directly with some of our customers.  Simply fill out the below and we will provide you the contact details of actual business owners, with actual business that have used our service before

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There is an old saying, if you keep doing what you always did then you will always get the same results.  By using Click Compare Connect you will save Money and Time, and if for any reason you are not happy then simply say goodbye, it is that easy.

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