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Electricity For
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Are you spending too much on
your company’s electricity bill?

Is your business being billed $25,000 or more
each year on electricity, which eats into budget
that would be better spent elsewhere.

We’ve helped businesses save up to 20% on their
annual bills and we want you to reap the
same benefits!

We want you to regain control of your electricty with
Click Compare Connect.


Guaranteed Savings,
No Matter Your Business Size

We want to find you the best deal.

If we thought you could find it yourselves, we wouldn’t exist, would we?

We seek out the best rate possible using known, trusted providers. After all, your business doesn’t need a blackout caused by an inexperienced provider now, does it? Answer our Electricity Bill Questionnaire to see how much you could be saving

How We Help

Click Compare Connect endeavors to find our customers the best electricity prices in a volatile and ever changing market. We cater to both small business and large business. We have a very large range of electricity products available that can save you money with leading retailers. We also provide our clients with cost saving analysis information to aid them in making the right decision, thanks to the extensive industry knowledge of our staff.

Suppliers in Australia vary in price and services, and finding the right one can be a tough decision and often requires extensive research. So let us take the hard work out of finding what best suits your company, from the lowest prices to the best service, Click Compare Connect will take care of all the hard work which will then allow you to focus on the more important parts of your business.

Our Suppliers

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Optimum Biz Package

We understand the struggles and issues that small business deal with on a day to day basis. With electricity being an essential in every small business our goal is to attempt to try and save small businesses as much money as possible in an energy market that is extremely difficult to wade through.

The Optimum biz package is Designed for customers whose usage is under 1,000,000 KWh per annum. It is this customer, in our experience which has the greatest need to not only find the most competitive offer in the market but also requires access to electricity consumption data which we can provide via our online reporting.

Organised For You

It’s the little things that put us ahead of your competitors.

Like working out when your contract finishes so that we can have a new one drawn up, ready to go.

We also break down what the difference contracts mean, in terms of peak and off-peak times, green energy , raw energy rates, any green levies and GST. We will also include details on network and metering charges plus your company’s greenhouse gas emissions.



Select to compare electricity deals across the market. We provide helpful hints along the way to make the form easier to fill out.

If you still find yourself with questions, just give us a call and we can guide you through it.



Our team will review the information you provide to ensure its comprehensive before sending it off to our trusted partners for comparison. This can take a few days but ensures you get best possible offer.

We then let you compare the offers, which we arrange by data and rankings according to your business needs.



Once you’ve picked a great deal for your business, just click the ‘Connect’ button and we take care of the sign up process to lock in the best rate in electricity for your business.

Simplified Process For Fast Outcomes



We take the fuss out of finding a great provider and rate by doing the hard work for you, and being able to answer any questions along the way.

We also help you understand the contract by sitting down with you to explain the finer points in a language you understand.

Our process couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is provide us with one of your company’s most recent electricity bills. Easy!

Transparent Data You Can Review


This is where our hard work pays off. We analyse your spending and use these results to form the basis of a discussion about your current electricity contract. We’ll help you to figure out if there are any specific requirements that are vital to your next electricity contract before you sign any contracts.

We provide you a detailed list outlining the comparative costs of different contracts, so that you can clearly see which is best for your business by comparing the rates with information like peak and off-peak times, green energy and greenhouse emissions.

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