Optimum Biz Package

At Click Compare Connect we understand the struggles and issues that small business deal with on a day to day basis. With electricity being an essential in every small business our goal is to attempt to try and save small businesses as much money as possible in an energy market that is extremely difficult to wade through.

Our “Optimum Biz Package” is for companies that are using between 0.16 GWh and 1.0 GWh in energy a year. With this product there are NO commission charged on electricity usage and you still get access to our Consumption Reports that provides you with critical information on such things as power factor, KVA usage and Usage splits. This information is imperative for any small business, as it allows an organisation to see where they have the potential to save money. This is especially true in regards to network rates and capacity/KVA charges, as network predominantly makes up between 50-70% of all electricity bills.

If you are eligible to take up Small Biz Package, you will be prompted at the end of the electricity question at which time you can opt in for the offer.

Optimum Biz Package

The Optimum biz package is Designed for customers whose usage is under 1,000,000 KWh per annum. It is this customer, in our experience which has the greatest need to not only find the most competitive offer in the market but also requires access to electricity consumption data which we can provide via our online reporting.












Compare Saver


If you do not believe that the optimum business package is right for you, there is always the compare saver package, which finds you a great rate in the market amongst a number of retailers combined with a discounted metering cost.