Looking to find suppliers in Asia?

Many small and medium businesses buy in a variety of products, equipment, components or machinery. Whether you buy them domestically or from abroad, in many cases you will be buying through a broker, agent or 3rd party. In some cases all 3.

Through our affiliation with global sourcing partners, Click Compare Connect will facilitate the research of organisations in Asia that can supply the items you need, directly. By removing middlemen, we have identified savings of 45%-60% on the cost of items as compared to purchasing them domestically.

As with all our services, our aim is to help business reduce essential cost items in order to improve profitability while also providing options to assist with risk management. This is especially true for customers that are buying more than 25% of their products from the one supplier.

Many companies still fear ‘Asian quality’. By using a research organisation like us, we ensure the product meets your exact specifications and that of the standard of product you currently buy.

Typically our customers are those business which;

  • Are purchasing items from importers or distributors and not directly out of Asia
  • Spend more than $80,000 a year on one type of consumable good or stock,
  • And / or spend more than $80,000 a year on one type of capital equipment.

Our “Quick Look” is totally free and gives you an idea as to whether going direct represents an advantage to your business.

We can also help business that are looking to sell in Asia by providing valuable market research and determining the right distribution channels.

Our online “Global Sourcing” module is almost complete and will be available shortly.

In the interim contact us to find out more on how we can help.