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Getting Hit With
High Telco Bills?

How much are you paying for your
staff to make and take hundreds of
phone calls everyday?

Australian businesses pay some of the prices
for telecommunicationsm, which eats into budget
that would be better spent elsewhere.

However, a better telecommunications contract
can help save you money on all those outbound
sales calls your team makes every day.

Click Compare Connect can help you find a better
telecommunications deal today.


Find Out How Much Money You Could Be Saving!

We want to find you the best deal. By answering our Telco Bill Questionnaire, we can better understand your business’ individual telecommunications needs to ensure we find the right provider for you.

How We Help

Click Compare Connect seeks out the most competitive telecommunications prices in a volatile and ever changing market, catering to both small business and large business. We have a very large range of telecommunication products designed to save you money while still using leading retailers. As part of the process, our industry expert staff provide our clients with cost saving analysis information to aid them in making the right decision.

Telecommunication suppliers across Australia vary in price and services, and finding the right one can be a tough decision, often requiring extensive research that most businesses just don’t have time for. So let us take the hard work out of finding the best fit for your company. From the lowest prices to the best service, Click Compare Connect will take care of all the hard work so that you can focus on more important parts of your business.

Suppliers You Can Trust

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  • Optus
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No Downtime

We understand that your telephone is a core part of your business, no matter what your side. Telephone down time is not only frustrating; it can also cost you crucial business, especially when clients can’t even access your voicemail. We work exclusively with suppliers who are known for their high quality services, to ensure you don’t experience unnecessary downtime, while still ensuring the best rate the market has to offer.

Set Up For You

We pride ourselves on being one step ahead of our competitors by knowing when your contract ends and keeping you in the loop on any great deals that we’ve organised with the telecommunications companies haggling for your business.

We want you to understand everything, so break down proposed contracts into simplified terms including on and off peak call times, using a traditional land line vs an internet connection and equipment compatibility.



Select to compare telecommunication deals across the market. We provide helpful hints along the way to make the form easier to fill out. If you still find yourself with questions, just give us a call and we can guide you through it.



Our team will review the information you provide to ensure its comprehensive before sending it off to our trusted partners for comparison. This can take a few days but ensures you get best possible offer. We then let you compare the offers, which we arrange by data and rankings according to your business needs.



Once you’ve picked a great deal for your business, just click the ‘Connect’ button and we take care of the sign up process to lock in the best rate in telecommunications for your business.

Simple Process With No Down Time



We will do the hard work for you, communicating with you throughout the whole process for maximum transparency.


We will be on hand to help you understand the contract by sitting down with you to explain the finer points in a language you understand. We can even do it over the phone, if you prefer!


Just provide us with one of your company’s most recent telecommunications bills so we can get started on finding you a better deal. Simple!


Transparency From Start To Finish


After analysing your spending and usage of your telecommunications system, we work with trusted providers to find you a better deal to fit your needs. We’ll make sure these include any specific requirements that are vital to your business, as well as great incentives, before you sign any contracts.

We then give you a comparison report from different telecommunications providers so that you can make the best decision for your business.

Talk to one of our consultants about your telecommunications bill today.

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